Quinceañera Birthday Photo-Session in Winter Park, Florida

“A year older, a year bolder”

The age of fifteen is such a special age, so when Emily’s family reached out to me for this very special birthday girl, I just could not wait until the day came! The reason why this is so special is because I grew up with Emily in our church! Our families are our extended family that we care very dearly for. Now she is a beautiful young lady with a bright future ahead of her. We met in Winter Park on Saturday around noon, and Emily showed up with a beautiful lilac gown and diamond tiara! We walked around and posed her in front of beautiful scenery and nature that complimented her in the best way. Emily is such a natural!

Here are some of my favorites from the session..

Quinceañera is a very special coming of age birthday for us in the Hispanic community. We usually throw a huge party with choreographed dances with your friends as court, it’s a whole show! Not to mention the food, music and great time. Obviously now with a worldwide pandemic that is not very practical. But her closest family and friends made sure to make her feel special on her big day!

These are the moments we will remember for years to come!

What You Need to Know about Our Mini-Sessions for the Holidays! Central Florida Family Photography

Mini photography sessions are really a great way to get the most bang for your buck during the holidays. Not every family enjoys an hour session of posing and ‘photoshooting’ (I just made that up) so the solution here is choosing a smaller package that can be shot within half the time, 30 minutes tops!

Mini sessions are also a great way to not fully commit to a $400 session, but you still get the awesome experience and amazing photographs to share with family, not to mention the memorable moments that will happen during our time together, print, add to a slideshow, or simply share to all social platforms. It’s all up to you. When it’s time to book for a larger package, you know who is your go-to!

If you are like me, then you probably don’t know what the heck to do when in front of the camera. That’s where I come in, I will help you pose in such an easy way you won’t even realize you’re posing! I will guide you throughout the session with different prompts that will seem effortless in front of the camera creating beautiful images. You’re welcome in advance! It is my job to make you look fabulous, and that we shall do!

Okay so now here’s the bread and butter! We are announcing not only our first ever Facebook Photoshoot Giveaway this Saturday at 3pm on our Facebook Page, BUTTTT we are also announcing our yearly Holiday Mini’s!

Here’s the flyer for our Holiday Mini’s this year! I will also send you personalized instructions and ideas as well as assist with any wardrobe in case you’re not too sure on what to choose for your session and how to match your family members.

Here is the link to enter into our FB Photoshoot Giveaway! https://www.facebook.com/carolinairaisphotography/photos/a.757882514231349/3819026318116938/

Got any questions or you’re ready to book with us?

Contact us at carolinaphotogallery@gmail.com and we will respond in 24 hours or less.

Usually we do reply within the hour though! *

Much love, your trusted family photographer!

The Secrets Behind Choosing The Perfect Engagement-Session Location:

There are so many different options when it comes to a location for engagement portraits it’s important we keep a few things in mind when choosing the perfect place! Central Florida has so many amazing locations for dreamy engagement sessions to take place. But how do you pick one? There are a few tips to stand by when doing your research.

I have been to dozens and dozens of locations, in and out of state. Every experience and event is different, all unique and beautiful in their own way. It’s important to choose a location that speaks to your soul. And for some couples, that might be the beach(and I am all about it!). Or a national park, mountaintop, Disney, college campus, garden, you name it, it’s personal and different for every single person. It should specifically be meaningful, making the photography all the more special and valuable.

An important thing to keep in mind as well, is to make sure to check the schedule for the desired date of the location itself, that way if there are any major events going on, you can work around that time and plan for before or after, or just a different day altogether. Choose a time that you know not many people will be walking by and it will be busy, the goal is to minimize distraction, you do not want random people walking into your shot. In my opinion if there are less people walking around staring, the more comfortable the person will be posing and focusing, making for a way better shot.

This one might seem obvious to some people, but theme/style plays a major role in choosing the right place. If the goal is a airy, pastel colored whimsical vibe that’s also romantic, couples might want to choose the springs or the beach. If they want something more eclectic, they might want to walk around downtown and get some urban vibes there as well, maybe stopping by for the casual ice cream cone or cup of coffee to make for the perfect photo op! The same goes for couples who want a boho-inspired, golden hour shoot, a garden, or a national park is perfect!

The locations I recommend for the most part all have near-by bathrooms and overhead cover, if you live in Florida, you know why I say that. So definitely keep those two tips in mind as well, those are some of the more important ones along with parking and walking distance.

I hope this has helped you have a clearer vision of which place you would like to pick as an engagement session destination. Or for any other event for that matter, same rules apply!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

See you on the next one friends!



Elopement, Minimony & Micro-Weddings: What’s all the rave about?

I don’t have to sit here and explain how Covid-19 has affected us all, because you already know the answer to that. Cancelled weddings, events, concerts, closed businesses, restaurants, stores, hair salons, and so many other service-based businesses. Along with social life. It’s been quite the rollercoaster, but we have to work with what we have. Masks, social distancing, six feet, extra washing of the hands, the whole nine yards. But love is not cancelled, and lovers worldwide have found a way to make it work. Let’s get into it!

There are a few terms that have gained more popularity especially recently. Elopements have always been done, however now are becoming more common. It’s traditionally whisking away with your lover and getting married on top of the mountains, or in an exotic, beautiful place. And it still is! By eloping, it creates a more personalized, intimate experience for the bride and the groom. Not to mention the spectacular photo gallery that they will receive from their photographer. Some venues also offer packages especially for couples who want to elope and they will create this amazing experience for both, it’s pretty amazing and incredible experience.

If you want to know more, check out this article by Courtney Lynn on how to plan an Elopement! https://courtney-lynn.com/ultimate-elopement-planning-guide/

A ‘Minimony’ is a small ceremony, and when times are more certain/better, or whatever the case may be, the couple will plan a subsequent ceremony, and get married the way they have always dreamed, with as many family and friends as they please. A micro-wedding on the other hand, is a small wedding, up to 50 guests, no subsequent ceremony later, this is it right here! More intimate, Detail-oriented, experience driven ceremony and small party, socially-distanced of course. A simple, yet beautiful evening to enjoy with the very closest, dearest people. A declaration of love and only the most important witnesses.

If you are still unsure on which way to go, here is the link to a quiz that will help you decide which type of wedding best works for you! https://pin.it/2Dkewzu

All of these types of weddings are practical options for the everyday couple. Technology is so advanced that you can now go online and book yourself a virtual DJ or officiant! Is that not the craziest most amazingly convenient thing ever!?

You don’t have to decide right now which route you’re going with, but I know this will help you better understand and hopefully plan the wedding of your dreams.

I want to witness your love story in every beautiful way! I appreciate so much that you took the time today to read this blog piece. It means the world.

And if you haven’t heard I will be hosting a free photoshoot giveaway, I will be announcing that really soon. I am so excited for whoever gets to win! I cannot wait to create awesome pictures for you. It is a $500 + value! With an extra freebie cuz I appreciate you so much. So stay tuned!!

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Welcoming Nicolas into the world | Maternity Session In Disney Boardwalk at Sunset

Happy Monday! I’m excited to share this gallery with you all!

So many amazing moments captured on a perfect Saturday evening.

The amazing news is, Nicolas Dimitri Denesha arrived into this world on this very special day! The Garcías now have a healthy baby boy!💙

Congratulations once again!

When I got the notice we would be shooting in Disney Boardwalk, I was super excited! It’s such a beautiful, airy and refreshing place to walk and photograph in. It’s filled with beautiful pastel colors. So you already know I was ready to go shooting the day she booked! Lol!

When we arrived at the entrance, they informed us unless we had a reservation for a restaurant, that we could not enter into the boardwalk unless it was a necessity. So naturally, I freaked out, and I explained that Rashelle was about to pop any moment and that it indeed IS a necessity that we get these photos today! By the grace of God we were allowed in safely and let me tell you!!!! The weather was so great, beautiful clouds, not too hot, no direct crazy hot sun! It was so perfect.

When the Garcías arrived, we did our proper introductions and got to work. Rashelle brought amazing props, which made the session so much more special and beautiful!

I am so happy to share these photos with you, as they reflect true love between a son and his parents. The perfect rainbow baby. Thanks for looking.



The Pugh’s Winter Park Wedding

Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.

Lao Tzu

Since the first day Chery reached out to me, I could tell that their relationship was special and filled with love.

Chery and Tim met at the bowling alley, Aloma Bowl in Winter Park, and when Tim saw Chery for the first time, he was instantly captured by her. They fell in love doing something they both loved, how romantic is that?

The adorable puppy in the photos above is Lucy! She is a Biewer Terrier, and although The Pugh’s aren’t planning on having any children, Lucy is their special baby girl!

I first met Tim & Chery in Kraft Azalea Gardens for their engagement session. It was a cloudy day, but the overcast sky worked in our favor as we did not have super direct Florida sun in our faces! They are the sweetest couple, they make each other laugh endlessly and they could not stop smiling. Honestly Chery and Tim are so easy to photograph. Between kisses, smiles, hugs and giggles, we captured amazing photos that will be treasured forever on.

After their engagement session and really spending time with them, the special day had arrived! August 15th, 2020. Family and friends came together in Winter Park and celebrated an evening of Tim and Chery’s eternal love. I have to confess, I shed a few tears during their first dance. The song titled “You are the love of my life by Sammy Kershaw” played during their first dance, and they just held each other and told each other I love you, repeatedly. It was reaaaaaally hard not to cry, okay! It truly was a day to remember, it was a beautiful wedding with beautiful people.

When I asked The Pugh’s if there is a special quote or verse that really resonates with them and marriage they replied with the following: (you might want to grab a tissue at this point)

Tim’s favorite response when Chery says she loves him, is ” I love you the mostest.”

Their love is truly something to admire and I am forever grateful I was chosen to document this beautiful love story.

Many milestones and adventures await the two of you, and we will all be there as witnesses of your true love!

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, thank you so much for taking the time to read this very special piece.

I hope it may bring you insight into who I am as a photographer and person, and maybe we can work together in the near future!

Thank you for being here,



M & R | The Daugherty’s

Where do I even start?! These two hold a very special place in my heart, and I’m not saying that because they’re my parents. I truly admire their effortless relationship. To love one another is one thing, but to love one another with God as the compass is something truly special and one-of a kind.

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

– Ephesians 4:2

As a wedding and family photographer, capturing love in its purest form between two souls is simply magical. So to be able to capture just that in every one of my sessions, specifically this one, makes my heart so happy and full. I am aware that times are changing and the pandemic has changed a lot for most of us, and that’s okay. But guess what? Love’s not cancelled!

I still remember when mom would talk to me about him at first, noting how thoughtful and sweet and full of love he really was. Since the first date, it was meant to be! Roy prepared a sea-themed picnic by the beach (moms favorite thing, she’s actually a mermaid) so naturally, quickly and passionately, they fell for each other.

This particular session is from Rollins College in Winter Park from about two or three weeks ago. This pandemic has not been easy on anyone, but planning accordingly, we made it happen! And to say that I love the photos is an understatement. I sent mom over a color palette and some posing ideas and we got to work on a beautiful Sunday morning.

We arrived around 11 am and started to walk around the campus, stopping at every spot we fell in love with, looked for the shade and made magic happen!. This was also our second session together, so we had a little practice in a way one could say!

“Marriage is sharing your life with your best friend, enjoying the journey along the way, and arriving at every destination together.”

Fawn Weaver

I hope you enjoy these images and might they inspire you to want to get to know me better and how I can better serve you!

If you have any questions or simply want to chat, shoot me an email!


Have an amazing day!


– Carolina