Featured Vendor Highlight Series: Ariana Detrez, Florida Artist & Designer by Carolina Irais Photography

Hey friends! We’re very excited to feature this very special lady! She is an amazing multi-talented artist and designer, based in Orlando where she works with brands and businesses to uplevel their marketing.

Hey, I’m Ariana Detrez. I’m an artist, dreamchaser, designer, and multi-talented creative who has a passion for creating playfully modern artwork for your home, everyday life, and apparel. My primary mediums are watercolor & digital illustration.

My passion for sharing positivity shows through my artwork and also through my teachings! Alongside creating artwork every day next to my pups, I share tips & bits for fellow artists over on the blog and Youtube.

-Ariana detrez, designer + artist

Fun Fact: Ariana and I actually went to high school together, but never actually got to know each other until I reached out and saw her beautiful work! So I am very excited to be featuring her! She is truly the sweetest!

Definitely make sure to check out her blog and website, she has really great content.

I offer custom illustrations, murals, art licensing, art prints for your home or office, stickers and accessories, and lots more! I also host watercolor workshops in the Orlando area. I also offer a mentorship program, called The Courageous Foundation, for emerging creatives to ensure they have the confidence, business aptitude,  and unlock all their artistic abilities. You can view my work and contact me over at


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Destiny + Jose’s Engagement & Love-story by Carolina Irais Photography

Orlando Engagement Session in Winter Park, Florida.

Alright guys, get your hearts ready and your tissue box prepared. Cuz you’re going to need it after this love story!

First off, I just want to say that Destiny and Jose are the cutest and most sweetest couple ever. They’re also madly in love with each other, and you can definitely feel it! I absolutely love their story on how they met + came to be engaged!

They met at a youth group where Jose was the drummer, and when Destiny first laid eyes on him, it was instant!! They had heard of each other from their siblings, but did not meet until later on. Jose and Destiny’s brothers and sisters would always kid around and say how nice it would be if they met and fell for each other. Isn’t that so romantic already?! *insert heart eyes*

Destiny and Jose did the long distance, and although Destiny had her doubts (as any person would), Jose made sure to make time and see her and drive to her. Proving to her that he really loved her and could make it work. And that it did!

On February 4th, 2019 Jose took me on the Hot Air Balloon at Disney Springs and when we got to the top he said

“Destiny Scott, I took you to the highest point in Orlando I could find to ask, will you be my girlfriend?” Of course I said yes and in my head I said FINALLY! From then on its been almost a dream!!

It still feels like the honeymoon phase has lasted and we are so in love with each other.

-Destiny, fiancee

“Every 4th of the month we celebrate as an accomplishment of how far we’ve gone and how much we’ve been through together.”

On December 4th, 2020 Jose blind folded me and took me to Lake Louisa State Park.

When we got there, he took off the blindfold and we were walking and he gave me this letter dated to June 2019 and it said,

We’ve only been dating for a couple months now but it feels like I’ve known you my whole life which is why one day I’m gonna marry you and make you my wife.”

After I read that letter, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was magical and then all our friends were hiding in the bushes and came out of nowhere and watched the whole thing.

They happily hit their two-year mark, and are now excitedly planning and brainstorming everything about their wedding day! Which I know is going to be so magical and filled with love! Destiny says that keeping God at the center of their relationship is definitely important.

Our favorite date night is a home cooked meal and a movie! We also love adventures like swimming, bowling, hiking, zip lining, skiing, tubing, anything out doors

or that seems tough, we love to go and try it. We also love to dance. Get Jose on the dance floor and he is the LIFE of the PARTY!!

Bride to be

Featured Vendor Highlight Series: Beaute Speciale, Mobile Hair + Makeup Company in Central Florida

“Beauty is our Business”

beaute speciale’s brand motto
Credit: Jordan Fisher + Ellie Woods Celebrity Wedding: That First Moment Featured Exclusively in People Magazine.

We have a very special + exciting vendor feature to share with you all today, it has been in the works and we can finally showcase this amazing business + vendor that does so much! We will be sharing what they are about, what their story is and how they serve Central Florida. So without further a do, let’s get into it!

Credit: Ruth Terrero Photography

Beauté Spécialé is a licensed and insured mobile hair and makeup company for nearly 20 years.  

We are an established and reputable company of trained professional artists specializing in hair and makeup for high-end weddings, special events, film, photography, commercials, etc.

We are honored to service celebrity clientele among the many clients we work on in Central Florida and out of state.  

We help greater Orlando by providing experience, passion, and excellent work for all our clients. Beaute Speciale has been in the business for nearly 20 years.  We are honored also service a wide variety of clients.  

Beauty is not only business, but it is our passion. Our unique red carpet style is our trademark.  We get our inspiration from the current trends on the “Red Carpet.”  Our style is fashion conscious, trendy and elegant. 

-Beaute Speciale, featured vendor.

The Beaute Speciale’s team is professional and will definitely get the job done given any circumstance. They definitely know what they’re talking about when it comes to the business of beauty! Did I mention they also work with Disney?! Disney is actually one of their biggest clients, really stating their authority in the industry for years among competitors. They are a multi-published/award company that is really one to consider for your next event.

Credit: That First Moment

Beaute Speciale is not only featured as a preferred wedding vendor or Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, but our work is featured on all marketing ads on social media including Disney Parks and Merchandising, Disney Cruise Line, along with celebrity work on broadcast tv such as the Disney Parks Magical Christmas Celebration and Season 1 of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings show on Disney +. 

We offer hair and makeup services for zoom meetings, productions shoots, fashion shows, styled shoots, various portrait sessions, professional headshots and any special occasion. Our goal is to create a fun and professional working environment while making our clients feel great and look their best no matter the project.  

How to find Beaute Speciale!



Owner: Ana Rivera

Beauté Spécialé Phone 407-251-4661 / 321-299-2843 • Fax 407-852-1811

Here is a link to our latest e-newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/8cd4cc377e43/january-2021-newsletter

Email: info@beautespeciale.com

Brendan + Christine’s Engagement Love Story by Carolina Irais Photography

“You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”

-E.E. Cummings

Guys, I am so excited about this one! Brendan + Christine have that ‘meant-to be, old-fashioned kind of love’ that most people search for their entire lives, it’s such an amazing experience getting to meet them in person after they had booked me for their Miami wedding! Their pictures came out so beautiful and emotive, and I am living for it!

Get your hearts ready! B + C’s engagement session went effortlessly perfect!

We met at work almost five years ago. I had just moved back to Massachusetts and he was back from college in Florida!

We worked in different departments, but he would always come to the coffee bar (where I worked) to talk to me!

I asked him out first!

-Christine, bride to be.

I met with Christine + Brendan on a Saturday morning in Rollins College, and while it was a very gloomy and rainy day, we made the best of it and made some serious magic happen! Brendan and Christine were so easy to photograph, they brought their A-game to this photoshoot! The proof is in the pictures!

We walked around Winter Park’s beautiful campus, put on some music and got to shooting! This was their first time taking photos professionally together (no pressure) so I was definitely honored and excited to have been chosen! The session could not have come out more beautiful than it did! Filled with true love + bliss. It crossed off all the boxes, truly. This sweet couple has been dating for almost five years, and their favorite date night is walking around Disney, how romantic, right?!

I always say that one of the greatest things about living in Central Florida, is being able to visit Disney whenever your heart desires, and no one can tell me otherwise! Just being in Disney is a whole dream, then catch the nightly fireworks, that’s my jam right there.

Then we switched to a more elegant wardrobe selection and I was blown away! They seriously looked AMAZING! Just take a look for yourself…..

He proposed in Celebration! It was after we had just eaten dinner, we took a stroll around the lake and he asked me under the stars!

It was super sweet and unexpected!

In honor of their big love for Disney, take this fun quiz to find out which Disney character you are more like!


From session booking to gallery delivery: Our photography process explained!

My goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you, to answer all of those questions you might have before they’re even asked. So today we will be talking about our process + exactly how I do things when a client books Carolina Irais Photography.

So let’s get into it!

Step One: Choosing your photographer.

The very first stage of the photoshoot process is deciding which photographer to work with, and this is probably the most important step if we are being real! Choosing the right photographer will set the stage for the type of experience you will receive and photos they will accomplish. This is because every photographer has different values and works differently from one another, so always do your research and find the best fit for you and your family!

You don’t want a photographer to treat you like another transaction.

-Carolina, Owner + Photographer.

Once you have made the choice of picking the correct photographer comes the planning part, this will lay the foundation for the session and theme.

Step Two: Plan out the details.

First thing to ask yourself is if you are planning to print + frame any for your home, that means matching color palettes, or at least something complimentary! The last thing you want is clashing colors on your walls. I always send a recommended color palette based on what type of session we are doing, have it be a couple or a family, moody or happy vibes. More than half of the time, the colors will be neutral and or earth-toned to compliment any scenario or backdrop possible.

For a more moody and raw emotive feeling, earthy + neutral tones are the go-to colors that would best fit that aesthetic. For a lighter/happier mood, maybe a fun family session or a birthday session, brighter and more pastel colors might be considered! Remember, avoid patterns as much as possible.

If you do not already have a set location, I will be happy to send you a list of recommended Central Florida spots.

Quick outfit tips: Stay away from patterns, flip flops + graphic tees. Wear comfortable and wearable clothes you can move in. Different textures is good. Don’t overthink it!

Before the day of your session make sure to get a good night’s sleep, and a light meal before arriving. Always bring water + a back up shirt. You will thank yourself later!

Step three: Meet up for photoshoot!

I always arrive ten minutes earlier to the location to check out the surroundings and get everything ready for you and your family. And yes, I get excited and still actually get butterflies before all of my sessions! I really really just love my job, it makes my heart happy.

Once we do the formal introductions if we have not met already, I will put on some music and we will get to shooting! I like to have fun and enjoy the moment, the last thing I want is very boxy and posed photos. I capture authentic and raw moments filled with vulnerability and love and all of the good mushy things you see through my work.

My secret recipe for more emotion-filled images is prompting as opposed to posing. This enables the couple/family to do something while having fun and creating memories with your family/partner, as opposed to awkwardly standing there all stiff.


Once we are done with the session I will finish off with a closer, for example an instagram boomerang or a silly photo where every does a funny pose and face, it can be anything! After the session + closer have been done, it’s time to say our good byes until next time!

Step four: Photo gallery delivery.

My turn around time for photo delivery is usually two weeks, as I do work relatively quickly. When I deliver your gallery it will be through a link to Dropbox, which is completely free to use and store photos. And might I add easy and user-friendly. Once opened, you can view all of the images from the session. You can post, share and print, and view them as much as your heart desires.

See! that was not that bad was it?

Told ya, I try and make this as easy as possible for you! I want you to enjoy your experience with Carolina Irais Photography and make memories while at it, no need for the unnecessary + extra stress. We got you covered, friend.

We are here for a good time and awesome photos! And we know you are too.

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I hope your day is a great one!

-Carolina, Owner + Photographer.

How to get the most use out of your Engagement Pictures+ What to do with them!

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting + amazing moments in life one can ever experience! That being said, with the excitement comes planning for your big special day. So many things to do, so many questions to ask! Here at Carolina Irais Photography we want you to be informed and well prepared, that is why we share everything that we know and have learned over the years with you! Today we will be talking about your engagement photos and how you can get the most use out of them before and after your wedding. Remember you can always save this + come back to it as a reference!

Now, before we get into how exactly we can use our engagement session photos; I want to first explain how important it is to try and have the same photographer do your engagement photos and wedding. Some photographers will offer the engagement session either discounted or complimentary with their wedding packages, so always make sure to ask! I always offer to meet up or chat via phone to get to know each other better.

This is a plus because your client will already know how you work, how you are and what they need to do or don’t need to do. It is always super important to carry a good relationship with your photographer; this is not just another paycheck to us.

This is YOUR moment, your story, your life, your special once in a lifetime-day; and we want to make it just as amazing and perfect as it is through our images. Remember, this is just as important to me as it is to you!


These small tips are important because it will not only ensure that it is THIS photographer you’d like to work with on your wedding day, it will also be a lot smoother on the day of and you will both be a lot more comfortable after getting to know each other better.

Save the Dates.

So let’s get into it! When you get the engagement gallery delivered, the first place you can use them is for Save the Date cards, these are the ones usually sent out months to a year before the actual wedding and official invitations are sent out. Remember, Save the Dates are merely to let your family + friends know not to plan anything for that specific date and to make arrangements accordingly.

Wedding site.

Another very important and great place to showcase your beautiful new photos is on your very own wedding website, now this is of course optional for every couple. But it is encouraged to have a wedding website so that your guests are all up to date and informed on the wedding day, along with viewing your engagement session images for them to view in excitement and awe!


I love when couples do this because it just wraps everything up together nicely and looks absolutely amazing when projected onto a large wall in your venue. Having your photographer create a PP of your engagement photos to show off to your guests during the reception. This not only looks amazing, but the PowerPoint is something you can store and always look back to as a memoir and can always be shared on your social media after, even on anniversaries!

Guest Book.

Your guest book is something completely customizable. You can choose to have your favorite image from engagement photos printed on the front of the guest book, and the rest of the pages blank for your guests to sign; or create your love story through photos, memories and quotes throughout the book to share a little about your relationship and love with the guests as well as pages for them to sign, too. Either works! Remember this is your day! You can make it exactly how you envision it and have dreamt it.

Another option is to get a canvas printed and placed on a stand for guests to sign over or around.

Wedding invites.

This one’s also optional. If you did not have a photo on the save the dates or simply did not send any out, then you can add the photo(s)to your wedding invitation. Keep in mind that there are a couple of other documents sent with the wedding invitation, so the photo does not have to be on the actual wedding invitation, you will most likely also need to create directions, hotel recommendations, RSVP, menu cards, etc. where you can get it customized with a photo from the session.

Prints for family + home.

I love it when families get their pictures framed and printed in their home for everyone to see, it makes my heart happy! Those beautiful canvases really light up a room and gives you all the cozy, family feels. I am in the process of getting prints up all over our apartment, myself!

Social Media.

You know we live in the social media era, everyone has a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter.. you name it. We all love to share our newest and best pics of ourselves to our friends/family and followers to see, and your engagement photos are part of that list. For example when announcing your engagement to the world, getting everybody liking an commenting, increasing excitement as well towards your special day.

Fun tip: Create a social media hashtag with your to-be’s last name. This way when anyone clicks on the hashtag they can see all of the photos in which this hashtag was used! And on the table settings you can add little cards or signs that have your hashtag, that way your guests know what to tag, and the photos everyone took during the wedding as well can be shown under those hashtags, isn’t that awesome! The hashtag can be used to post photos and sneak peaks from the planning process + wedding day events and the honeymoon. Remember you can always go back and search the hashtag later on and look at the photos all over again from everyone that used your hashtag!

Party favors.

I love this one because you can literally make a party favor/gift very unique and fun for you and your guests. It can be a keychain, coaster, beer cooler/opener or even a small box with candy in it. It’s all up to you! You can make it funny, delicate, or cute. Or all of the above 🙂


You can get fancy with it and get one or two prints from the engagement blown up large and placed behind the couple’s main table or anywhere during reception or wedding shower.

Coffee table book.

If you choose to not get photos printed and on your walls, consider a coffee table book. When guests and family come over they can sit down to chat and look over the pictures, and of course it is a lovely reminder to have and to look at occasionally while creating a home and life with your significant other. You can incorporate quotes as well to add that extra romance! It’s always nice to have something tangible to reminisce on and view later on. Children + grandchildren also really enjoy looking back at these.

I want to make your pre-wedding process is as easy & as possible, and I love getting creative! So don’t be afraid to reach out to me for assistance in anything you might need. I will always be MORE than happy to help!

-Carolina, Photographer + Owner.

Are you a DIY kind of person? Head on over to shutterfly.com and they can show you previews of your albums to your liking and customization.


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Vendor Highlight: A Handful of Letters by Carolina Irais Photography

Welcome + thank you for making it onto my page today where we are veryyyyy excited to feature a super amazing Central Florida Vendor: A handful of letters, with Owner Valentina!

This is our second installation of our 2021 Vendor Highlight Series and we have gotten so much positive feedback and so we are excited to share more from our preferred featured vendors within the coming months. So let’s get into it!

I met Valentina through IG and am super in love with her work with calligraphy + engraving that she does for her clients. Made with love and her special craft!

Here’s a few words from the owner herself;

I’m Valentina, a calligrapher, engraver and stationer from the Orlando, Florida area. I’ve always loved letters, elegant flourishes and romantic art pieces, so naturally, once I learned about calligraphy, I fell in love almost instantly! My passion for letters in addition to my love for happy endings made it very easy to focus on wedding work, after all, there’s nothing more rewarding than having someone trust you with the task of translating their love story into words *quite literally*

I like to describe the art of calligraphy as both enchanting and personal and think of it as an experience that allows me to capture my clients’ essence and translate into ink and paper forever while allowing them to connect with their guests in an intentional and non-traditional way! 

That’s why at A Handful Of Letters, we take pride in our nothing-but-stellar and stress-free customer experience, as well as our attention to detail and ability to create long lasting pieces that my clients will cherish for years to come!

Once a client books our services, we have them go through a *very* detailed questionnaire that helps us gain an insight of their vision, color palette, traditions and most importantly, their love story!

After all, this will be one of the most important days of their lives and we want every detail of their big day to be as personal, magical and unique as their love! 

Let’s make your wedding dreams come true!

-Valentina, Owner of a Handful of Letters

Here’s how to find Valentina + her amazing skills!

Email: hello@ahandfulofletters.com

Website: ahandfulofletters.com/weddings

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ahandfulofletters 

Ten Important Tips Every Couple Should Know When Planning Their Wedding – By Carolina Irais Photography

  1. Start early. Make it a point to give yourself more than enough time to create a timeline + to-do list and add some grace time in there, too. You will thank yourself later!
  2. Create a budget + stick to it. Preferably before committing to any service or any vendor. Last thing you want is to end up out of funds with just a few things off your list, so write it all down and create a budget of an amount you do not want to exceed in wedding expenses and are comfortable spending. Leave a little room in your wallet for emergencies*
  3. Get a wedding planner. I cannot stress this enough, they will make your life so much easier, and the day will go so much smoother. Less weight on your shoulders, too!
  4. Involve your significant other. I know every little person dreams of their magical and beautiful wedding day, but make sure to include your partner in the process as much as possible! You will appreciate the little details a bit more and grow closer to your lover planning your very special day! Yes, you can still be in charge of the wedding color palette + textures or whatever it may be 😉
  5. Buy a wedding planning book, or a binder just for your wedding. You’ll want to stay as organized as possible every step of the way. The last thing you want is to end up overwhelmed when you should be excited and enjoying your engaged stage!
  6. Read every contract closely. This one’s pretty self explanatory.
  7. Prepare for pre-wedding events. Many times we get so caught up in the actual wedding day that we may forget everything that is supposed to happen before saying their I do’s. Bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding showers, etc.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Have every question in the book and need some input? Do not be afraid to reach out to your wedding planner/coordinator, or a vendor. Yes, including your photographer. We are MORE than happy to help in every way, trust me!
  9. Take it easy + one step at a time. Easy does it, friend. Do not overwhelm yourself with everything at the same time. Trust me, make the list and timeline and you will have peace of mind and better sleep at night.
  10. Make Pinterest your BFF. If you’re not on the app already, you’ll want to look into it! You can create boards for you or your vendors as well as keep everything organized and help you make choices when it comes to color schemes and palettes.

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The Ultimate Wedding Invitation Guide by Carolina Irais Photography

Have you set a date for your wedding yet? If so, Congratulations!! Now comes the planning part!

If you are like me, then you know that every little single, miniscule detail matters! Down to the grain + I am here to tell you that it’s not rocket science to create and effectively send out your wedding invitations; but it can be a little time consuming + daunting at first. Now, before you start scratching your head in confusion on where to even begin, there are a few first steps that must be realized before jumping head in to start choosing colors and patterns for your stationery.

First thing’s, first.

Let’s start with the basics. Are you preparing to host a larger wedding party, or a smaller one? Your budget should be the very first thing that goes into the wedding planning process, it is the foundation of all of the choices that will be made under that budgeted number. 1K? 5K? 20K? Every wedding is different! That’s what makes it special.

Once the budget is set, you will want to sit down with your partner & choose how many guests from each family will be invited to RSVP + save the date. Try to keep it as fair and even as possible, although that is sometimes impossible for a lot of couples. Don’t fret, every wedding is meant to be different and special in their own way. Your day is exactly what you want to make it! The only thing that matters is that you are marrying the love of your life and your special day will be an amazing one.

A little tip: It is customary to add a plus one for non-married friends! A simple “and guest” on the invitation will let them know they are welcome to bring a plus one.

I recommend writing your wedding planning timeline down onto a planner or to-do list, it will help you put things into perspective and maybe not stress you out as much, and it is something you always have handy and can look to as reference!

When to send what.

Save the dates are usually sent out six to eight months prior, and the wedding invitations are usually sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding. This gives everyone plenty of time to make necessary arrangements and plenty of time for you to create them and mail out.

RSVP deadlines should be set for a few weeks prior to actual wedding date. And remember to include a stamp that way your family/friend can reply yes or no and send it right back in the mail.

With that being said, the colors of your invitations should be a reflection of the ceremony colors and scheme selected. Color combination is extreeeeemly important within the planning stages of a wedding just because everything will literally revolve around those colors.

One invitation per household, don’t forget to include the kids! Unless you’re having an ‘adults-only’ wedding. Remember, it’s YOUR day.

Let’s talk dress code.

When it comes to dress code etiquette, it can be added on the lower right or left hand side of the invitation. While there are so many types of wording out there, I’ll give you simple ones and what they can be and mean.

  • White tie is the most formal, gowns and suits (think Oscars).
  • Black tie is the next step below white tie, it’s a formal evening.
  • Formal wedding attire can be both white tie AND black tie.
  • Cocktail attire is even less formal, cocktail dresses allowed! No jeans, please!
  • Beach formal = you know the drill. Formal sundress + suit with linen shirt.
  • Semi-formal or dressy casual is a step below beach formal, it is the in between of formal and casual. Keep in mind it still has the word ‘formal’ in it, so stay sophisticated. Think casual family BBQ. No shorts, jeans or tees.
  • Casual/Daytime, Dress pants, maybe summer dress for her.
  • For more in depth explanations, visit https://www.theknot.com/content/wedding-guest-attire-cheat-sheet

Last minute tips.

  1. Before you send out your invitations to be printed, be sure to double and triple spell-check the wording on everything!

2. Always order a few extras in case you forget someone last minute, it happens.

3.Start early.

4. Track RSVP + send thank you cards to those who reply.

5. Need help designing + choosing your invitations?

Check out my fellow amazing calligrapher at A Handful of Letters with Valentina, tell her we sent you!

Here’s her info:


Email:  hello@ahandfulofletters.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/ahandfulofletters/

Happy Monday: Gigi + Luis in Winter Park, Florida with Carolina Irais Photography

Hi there + thank you for making it onto my blog today! I am considering posting more often than I am now, possibly a few times a week? What do you think?

Leave a comment below + let me know!

First I want to wish you a happy and great rest of your Monday! I hope the start of the week is treating you kindly. I am very excited to show you the full gallery of Gigi + Luis!

I have posted sneak peaks here and there from this lovely session, but now I’m going to share it -all in it’s beauty and glory! Gigi + Luis brought their A-game to this couples photoshoot! They made the session so smooth and efficient that I was like whaaat! So it comes as no surprise that they actually model in real life for others brands and photographers in the industry and are amazing at it too! So let’s get into it, I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them!