The Lemire’s Love-story | Featured Love Story by Carolina Irais Photography

I want to thank you personally for being here + sharing this space of the internet with me, it means the world! Today I am going to be sharing Mr. and Mrs. Lemire’s love story with you –

So, get your hearts ready for a super cute love story!

This couple has a special place in my heart – because of their kindness to themselves and selflessness towards others. Gabby and Chris share this undeniable bond that’s filled with so much love for one another, it’s truly a beautiful thing!

Like peanut butter and jelly, Gabby and Chris are just that! Best friends, partners, lovers, and the best parents ever! Along with their story, I’ll also be sharing images from their engagement session and wedding day-

How did you guys meet?

” We met through mutual friends. I met a girl from the restaurant I worked at and we got an apartment together, she moved her boyfriend at the time in with her and along came his best friend to hang out, Chris. They forced us to all got to a pumpkin patch together . Our official first date was a mayday parade show.”

Mrs. Lemire

How did he propose?

“For the proposal, we went camping down at Kissimmee Prairie Reserve which is a dark night sky park so you can see all the stars and all that jazz really clearly because there’s no lights at all. We happened to pick a night that Space X launched a rocket without knowing so we walked to the end of the little dirt road to see it better from the trees and then as it went up he said “Oh you know the cool part about Space X is they re-land the boosters or something, I can see it now” and I said I couldn’t so he said it must be because I’m sitting and I’m short so I need to stand so I did when I turned to say I still couldn’t see it, he was up on his knee with the ring that I couldn’t see because dark night sky, no lights. “

*insert fireworks and heart eyes emoji*

The Lemire’s wedding day was a beautiful day and one to be remembered for years to come! They had the closest family and friends join them to celebrate their love at the gorgeous Art & History Museums, accompanied by a gorgeous sunset, wedding ceremony and reception that followed.

As the Disney movies like to say, “They lived happily ever after”.

Venue: Maitland Art & History Museums

Officiant/Coordinator: Ceremonies by Chrissy

Photography: Carolina Irais Photography

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