FEATURED VENDOR HIGHLIGHT SERIES: Bray MUA – Artist & Educator in Central Florida by Carolina Irais Photography

Good Morning/Afternoon! Today we are presenting to you a very special and incredibly talented Bray, she is a Professional Artist and Educator here in Central Florida, and when I tell you that she has a true gift for make-up and all things art, I SO mean it! Keep reading to learn more about Bray’s journey + story, but also some of her most stunning work. Just take a look for yourself!


– Carolina

Tell us a little about yourself!

A little about me? 

I’m Bray, a 30-year-old (man did I say 30? Whoa! lol) artist based in Orlando FL.  

I consider myself a fun, eccentric, and creative individual who just happens to do makeup. I also am Addicted to avocados and old bay seasoning and could probably watch harry potter on repeat for the rest of my life lol.  On a deeper note, I grew up with my fair share of obstacles. I attribute my art, creativity, and “make something out of nothing” attitude to a lot of those obstacles.

Art has always been an outlet/ coping mechanism for me but became an even better bonus when I realized I could use it to help others. I spent my earlier years drawing, writing, doing music engineering, performing, tattooing, and even painting…. which led me to my first job as a children’s art teacher at a community center.

Getting that job meant a lot to me and was such a pivotal point in my life.

I figured out that I could help give city kids something to aim for and it was a place/ environment where I was known for my personality, talent, and knowledge vs. my disability. It was the first time I had that feeling and shined a light on to a passion I never knew existed, makeup and teaching.  

I have been doing makeup for 10 + years working with reputable companies and being published in respected publications.  I have been instructing in the art world for nearly 15 years and I am excited to keep that going.


How did you get started?

I have always been a horror fan and LOVE scary movies. One day I was watching the movie Thirteen ghosts behind the scenes footage. I awed at how they put the different ghosts/ characters together.

I can’t remember whether I said it out loud or to my sister who was watching with me at the time, but I said “ I WANT TO DO THAT!” and next thing I know I was doing my research and my family was helping me move 1000 miles away. 

Funny enough because of my love of horror I had absolutely no interest in anything beauty. I went to school and quickly realized I had a Niche for it all and I was skilled in combining genres which got me into the main thing I have been noticed for, high fashion avant- garde. During and after school I was at a very low point mentally. I had no family in the area, was in a toxic environment, and was so broke lint didn’t even want to be in my pocket. I knew I couldn’t waste all the money, time, and effort that was put forth to get me to that point, so I hit the ground running.

I began to do sooo much trade work, which I quickly found out wasn’t always a good thing. But I networked and made connections and lasting friendships that have helped me grow and gain the opportunities that I have been given throughout the years. And here I am in Central Florida, I have been based out of the Orlando area for 9 years.  

I work as a freelance artist and an educator. I cater to every type of client/ event. From bridal to Film and everything else in between.  I also teach professionally, I work with clients, established and aspiring makeup artists in skill development as well as business. 

I teach every genre/ type of makeup from color theory, to state-of-the-art special fx. My business is built on fun, compassion, and creativity. It’s important for me to have clients feel like there is someone for them. Like they don’t have to fit into a mold to be accepted.

I bring that belief to every gig and every learning environment.  I’m so excited to dip back into tattooing and adding microblading to my services. 

I am so passionate about makeup/ art and education. It’s such a powerful tool that can change so many people. I realized that no matter what makeup look someone is put into (their request of course) it can empower and give them confidence.

The look on a bride’s face when you are done or the look of someone on Halloween after you just turned them into a character. Two completely different looks with one thing in common, Confidence. Education is no different, I absolutely love seeing a student who showed up timid, shy, and unconfident leave with a crazy number of skills and so much confidence because they put in the work.

The ability to be able to promote change in such a way is amazing to me and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

bray mua

Here is how you can get in contact with the incredible Bray herself!


IG @face_beaterr

Email: BrayMua@gmail.com

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Orlando, Florida Based Wedding and Family Photographer.

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