Photoshoot Style Guide-What You Should Wear (and not wear) to Your Next Family Session with Carolina Irais Photography

One of the most important factors that goes into awesome pictures is the clothes you’re wearing and how you are all matching. When everybody is dressed great, everyone will feel great, and when everyone feels great, your photos will look even better! Remember that how you feel and your mood will reflect in the pictures.

We want to choose outfits for everyone that will stay in style for a long time. Our goal is timeless and priceless! Remember, family + friends will be looking back at these pictures for years and years. Let’s also not mention how much of a hard time our kids and teenagers may give us when it comes to what they want and don’t want to wear, so that’s why we’ve created this style guide, just for you! Now take a deep breath…you got this!

This style guide will also help couples + groups! Not just families.

Rule of thumb number one!

Color coordinate instead of color match. You want everyone’s colors to be complimentary to one another. You probably do not want a monotone photo with everyone wearing all the same exact color!

Second question to ask yourself: Do you prefer more saturated colors or more neutral ones for your home? And in which season will the photos be displayed? Summer, winter, fall? All year-round? These are all things to consider.

Rule of thumb number two!

Limit patterns, add textures. Texture can really add depth and interest to your images. It is also quite distracting in a picture when people are wearing very bold patterns that might come off as distracting. Therefore, limit your patterns and graphic tees and designs, and add more textures within your chosen color palette. You will look amazing, promise!

Rule of thumb number three!

Dress up one level above your normal everyday-wear. I recommend incorporating higher quality fabrics for your clothes. Instead of regular worn cotton tee, or polyester, consider silk, cashmere, even linen. Small details like the type of fabric you’re wearing will make a world of a difference. Remember, that you do not have to dress up in a suit and tie or a gown to look amazing. Some nice jeans and a button up go a long way my friend!

Quick Tip for all Moms deciding wardrobe choices for the family: Dress yourself first, then coordinate everyone else.

It will make your life much easier and you won’t feel like you are moving one step forward and three steps back, so yes, fit and dress yourself first! If mom is not feeling it and doesn’t like herself in the pictures, she won’t want to showcase these pictures proudly, and that’s kind of a huge deal. I want you to be super proud + happy with how you look in the photos!

I always recommend that mom wear a dress, if you hate wearing dresses consider a shirt/pant with nicer fabric combo for the top. Pick the dress in a color that is complimentary, but that you also a color that you LOVE.

Let’s talk colors!

We have created simple color palettes for every season, just for you. It is important to always try to not choose oversaturated and super bright colors that will be very distracting in your photos, so try to choose the more muted version of the color you want. As seen below. The recommended amount of colors to work with for your outfits is ideally 2-3, but we will provide more options for every seasons as seen below, at least one of the options from the three chosen colors should be neutral

First up, is summer. We want airy, fresh, clean and fun! I recommend all and any neutrals, but when adding that POP of color, reference to any colors close to these below we have chosen to fit the mood! And again remember, coordinate – don’t match!

Keep in mind that you will only be choosing a total of 2-3 colors for your session.

Summer Color Palette For Family Photos

When we go into the less warm months, heading into Fall, it changes the dynamic a bit. With changing colors outside and depending on where you live, cooler weather comes with more cozy, warm tones. So usually families will go for more earthy, darker tones in their outfits when planning their fall session. Take a look below for some of the best options of colors to use to coordinate your outfits during the fall!

Fall Color Palette for Family Photos

Next up, winter. Now, think cooler colors. Refer to the graphic below for a winter-centered color palette for your outfits! I also want to say that by no means is this a rule book you need to follow to a T.

Especially when I know how much I love to wear red all Christmas long, hehe. So yes, I do personally recommend these colors below. However, we know fall and winter colors and season do have a very gray line of where one ends and the other begins. So what am I saying? Wear what you want and makes you feel amazing! Holidays are the most special time of the year, and we all celebrate in different ways. Take this style guide as some pointers to stick by, but have fun with it! I want to see you be your best and most amazing self.

Winter Color Palette for Family Photos

Next up is spring! I love spring oh so very much. From the blooming flowers to the changing colors and warmer air and sunnier skies, I just love it. Refer below to this table to see which colors we recommend you keep in mind when choosing your next spring family outfits!

Spring Color Palette for Family Session

What ‘not’ to wear

  1. Graphic tees.
  2. Too many patterns.
  3. Neon colors.
  4. Flip flops.
  5. Shirt with logos.

I hope this information helped at least steer you in the right and less stressful direction when it comes to picking out family outfits. Remember not to overthink it too much! Thank you for reading! And make sure to subscribe and follow the blog to get notified every time a post goes live!

I hope you have an amazing day!
Warmly, Carolina.

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