Featured Vendor Highlight Series: Ariana Detrez, Florida Artist & Designer by Carolina Irais Photography

Hey friends! We’re very excited to feature this very special lady! She is an amazing multi-talented artist and designer, based in Orlando where she works with brands and businesses to uplevel their marketing.

Hey, I’m Ariana Detrez. I’m an artist, dreamchaser, designer, and multi-talented creative who has a passion for creating playfully modern artwork for your home, everyday life, and apparel. My primary mediums are watercolor & digital illustration.

My passion for sharing positivity shows through my artwork and also through my teachings! Alongside creating artwork every day next to my pups, I share tips & bits for fellow artists over on the blog and Youtube.

-Ariana detrez, designer + artist

Fun Fact: Ariana and I actually went to high school together, but never actually got to know each other until I reached out and saw her beautiful work! So I am very excited to be featuring her! She is truly the sweetest!

Definitely make sure to check out her blog and website, she has really great content.

I offer custom illustrations, murals, art licensing, art prints for your home or office, stickers and accessories, and lots more! I also host watercolor workshops in the Orlando area. I also offer a mentorship program, called The Courageous Foundation, for emerging creatives to ensure they have the confidence, business aptitude,  and unlock all their artistic abilities. You can view my work and contact me over at


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