Destiny + Jose’s Engagement & Love-story by Carolina Irais Photography

Orlando Engagement Session in Winter Park, Florida.

Alright guys, get your hearts ready and your tissue box prepared. Cuz you’re going to need it after this love story!

First off, I just want to say that Destiny and Jose are the cutest and most sweetest couple ever. They’re also madly in love with each other, and you can definitely feel it! I absolutely love their story on how they met + came to be engaged!

They met at a youth group where Jose was the drummer, and when Destiny first laid eyes on him, it was instant!! They had heard of each other from their siblings, but did not meet until later on. Jose and Destiny’s brothers and sisters would always kid around and say how nice it would be if they met and fell for each other. Isn’t that so romantic already?! *insert heart eyes*

Destiny and Jose did the long distance, and although Destiny had her doubts (as any person would), Jose made sure to make time and see her and drive to her. Proving to her that he really loved her and could make it work. And that it did!

On February 4th, 2019 Jose took me on the Hot Air Balloon at Disney Springs and when we got to the top he said

“Destiny Scott, I took you to the highest point in Orlando I could find to ask, will you be my girlfriend?” Of course I said yes and in my head I said FINALLY! From then on its been almost a dream!!

It still feels like the honeymoon phase has lasted and we are so in love with each other.

-Destiny, fiancee

“Every 4th of the month we celebrate as an accomplishment of how far we’ve gone and how much we’ve been through together.”

On December 4th, 2020 Jose blind folded me and took me to Lake Louisa State Park.

When we got there, he took off the blindfold and we were walking and he gave me this letter dated to June 2019 and it said,

We’ve only been dating for a couple months now but it feels like I’ve known you my whole life which is why one day I’m gonna marry you and make you my wife.”

After I read that letter, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was magical and then all our friends were hiding in the bushes and came out of nowhere and watched the whole thing.

They happily hit their two-year mark, and are now excitedly planning and brainstorming everything about their wedding day! Which I know is going to be so magical and filled with love! Destiny says that keeping God at the center of their relationship is definitely important.

Our favorite date night is a home cooked meal and a movie! We also love adventures like swimming, bowling, hiking, zip lining, skiing, tubing, anything out doors

or that seems tough, we love to go and try it. We also love to dance. Get Jose on the dance floor and he is the LIFE of the PARTY!!

Bride to be

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