From session booking to gallery delivery: Our photography process explained!

My goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you, to answer all of those questions you might have before they’re even asked. So today we will be talking about our process + exactly how I do things when a client books Carolina Irais Photography.

So let’s get into it!

Step One: Choosing your photographer.

The very first stage of the photoshoot process is deciding which photographer to work with, and this is probably the most important step if we are being real! Choosing the right photographer will set the stage for the type of experience you will receive and photos they will accomplish. This is because every photographer has different values and works differently from one another, so always do your research and find the best fit for you and your family!

You don’t want a photographer to treat you like another transaction.

-Carolina, Owner + Photographer.

Once you have made the choice of picking the correct photographer comes the planning part, this will lay the foundation for the session and theme.

Step Two: Plan out the details.

First thing to ask yourself is if you are planning to print + frame any for your home, that means matching color palettes, or at least something complimentary! The last thing you want is clashing colors on your walls. I always send a recommended color palette based on what type of session we are doing, have it be a couple or a family, moody or happy vibes. More than half of the time, the colors will be neutral and or earth-toned to compliment any scenario or backdrop possible.

For a more moody and raw emotive feeling, earthy + neutral tones are the go-to colors that would best fit that aesthetic. For a lighter/happier mood, maybe a fun family session or a birthday session, brighter and more pastel colors might be considered! Remember, avoid patterns as much as possible.

If you do not already have a set location, I will be happy to send you a list of recommended Central Florida spots.

Quick outfit tips: Stay away from patterns, flip flops + graphic tees. Wear comfortable and wearable clothes you can move in. Different textures is good. Don’t overthink it!

Before the day of your session make sure to get a good night’s sleep, and a light meal before arriving. Always bring water + a back up shirt. You will thank yourself later!

Step three: Meet up for photoshoot!

I always arrive ten minutes earlier to the location to check out the surroundings and get everything ready for you and your family. And yes, I get excited and still actually get butterflies before all of my sessions! I really really just love my job, it makes my heart happy.

Once we do the formal introductions if we have not met already, I will put on some music and we will get to shooting! I like to have fun and enjoy the moment, the last thing I want is very boxy and posed photos. I capture authentic and raw moments filled with vulnerability and love and all of the good mushy things you see through my work.

My secret recipe for more emotion-filled images is prompting as opposed to posing. This enables the couple/family to do something while having fun and creating memories with your family/partner, as opposed to awkwardly standing there all stiff.


Once we are done with the session I will finish off with a closer, for example an instagram boomerang or a silly photo where every does a funny pose and face, it can be anything! After the session + closer have been done, it’s time to say our good byes until next time!

Step four: Photo gallery delivery.

My turn around time for photo delivery is usually two weeks, as I do work relatively quickly. When I deliver your gallery it will be through a link to Dropbox, which is completely free to use and store photos. And might I add easy and user-friendly. Once opened, you can view all of the images from the session. You can post, share and print, and view them as much as your heart desires.

See! that was not that bad was it?

Told ya, I try and make this as easy as possible for you! I want you to enjoy your experience with Carolina Irais Photography and make memories while at it, no need for the unnecessary + extra stress. We got you covered, friend.

We are here for a good time and awesome photos! And we know you are too.

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I hope your day is a great one!

-Carolina, Owner + Photographer.

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