How to get the most use out of your Engagement Pictures+ What to do with them!

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting + amazing moments in life one can ever experience! That being said, with the excitement comes planning for your big special day. So many things to do, so many questions to ask! Here at Carolina Irais Photography we want you to be informed and well prepared, that is why we share everything that we know and have learned over the years with you! Today we will be talking about your engagement photos and how you can get the most use out of them before and after your wedding. Remember you can always save this + come back to it as a reference!

Now, before we get into how exactly we can use our engagement session photos; I want to first explain how important it is to try and have the same photographer do your engagement photos and wedding. Some photographers will offer the engagement session either discounted or complimentary with their wedding packages, so always make sure to ask! I always offer to meet up or chat via phone to get to know each other better.

This is a plus because your client will already know how you work, how you are and what they need to do or don’t need to do. It is always super important to carry a good relationship with your photographer; this is not just another paycheck to us.

This is YOUR moment, your story, your life, your special once in a lifetime-day; and we want to make it just as amazing and perfect as it is through our images. Remember, this is just as important to me as it is to you!


These small tips are important because it will not only ensure that it is THIS photographer you’d like to work with on your wedding day, it will also be a lot smoother on the day of and you will both be a lot more comfortable after getting to know each other better.

Save the Dates.

So let’s get into it! When you get the engagement gallery delivered, the first place you can use them is for Save the Date cards, these are the ones usually sent out months to a year before the actual wedding and official invitations are sent out. Remember, Save the Dates are merely to let your family + friends know not to plan anything for that specific date and to make arrangements accordingly.

Wedding site.

Another very important and great place to showcase your beautiful new photos is on your very own wedding website, now this is of course optional for every couple. But it is encouraged to have a wedding website so that your guests are all up to date and informed on the wedding day, along with viewing your engagement session images for them to view in excitement and awe!


I love when couples do this because it just wraps everything up together nicely and looks absolutely amazing when projected onto a large wall in your venue. Having your photographer create a PP of your engagement photos to show off to your guests during the reception. This not only looks amazing, but the PowerPoint is something you can store and always look back to as a memoir and can always be shared on your social media after, even on anniversaries!

Guest Book.

Your guest book is something completely customizable. You can choose to have your favorite image from engagement photos printed on the front of the guest book, and the rest of the pages blank for your guests to sign; or create your love story through photos, memories and quotes throughout the book to share a little about your relationship and love with the guests as well as pages for them to sign, too. Either works! Remember this is your day! You can make it exactly how you envision it and have dreamt it.

Another option is to get a canvas printed and placed on a stand for guests to sign over or around.

Wedding invites.

This one’s also optional. If you did not have a photo on the save the dates or simply did not send any out, then you can add the photo(s)to your wedding invitation. Keep in mind that there are a couple of other documents sent with the wedding invitation, so the photo does not have to be on the actual wedding invitation, you will most likely also need to create directions, hotel recommendations, RSVP, menu cards, etc. where you can get it customized with a photo from the session.

Prints for family + home.

I love it when families get their pictures framed and printed in their home for everyone to see, it makes my heart happy! Those beautiful canvases really light up a room and gives you all the cozy, family feels. I am in the process of getting prints up all over our apartment, myself!

Social Media.

You know we live in the social media era, everyone has a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter.. you name it. We all love to share our newest and best pics of ourselves to our friends/family and followers to see, and your engagement photos are part of that list. For example when announcing your engagement to the world, getting everybody liking an commenting, increasing excitement as well towards your special day.

Fun tip: Create a social media hashtag with your to-be’s last name. This way when anyone clicks on the hashtag they can see all of the photos in which this hashtag was used! And on the table settings you can add little cards or signs that have your hashtag, that way your guests know what to tag, and the photos everyone took during the wedding as well can be shown under those hashtags, isn’t that awesome! The hashtag can be used to post photos and sneak peaks from the planning process + wedding day events and the honeymoon. Remember you can always go back and search the hashtag later on and look at the photos all over again from everyone that used your hashtag!

Party favors.

I love this one because you can literally make a party favor/gift very unique and fun for you and your guests. It can be a keychain, coaster, beer cooler/opener or even a small box with candy in it. It’s all up to you! You can make it funny, delicate, or cute. Or all of the above 🙂


You can get fancy with it and get one or two prints from the engagement blown up large and placed behind the couple’s main table or anywhere during reception or wedding shower.

Coffee table book.

If you choose to not get photos printed and on your walls, consider a coffee table book. When guests and family come over they can sit down to chat and look over the pictures, and of course it is a lovely reminder to have and to look at occasionally while creating a home and life with your significant other. You can incorporate quotes as well to add that extra romance! It’s always nice to have something tangible to reminisce on and view later on. Children + grandchildren also really enjoy looking back at these.

I want to make your pre-wedding process is as easy & as possible, and I love getting creative! So don’t be afraid to reach out to me for assistance in anything you might need. I will always be MORE than happy to help!

-Carolina, Photographer + Owner.

Are you a DIY kind of person? Head on over to and they can show you previews of your albums to your liking and customization.

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