Ten Important Tips Every Couple Should Know When Planning Their Wedding – By Carolina Irais Photography

  1. Start early. Make it a point to give yourself more than enough time to create a timeline + to-do list and add some grace time in there, too. You will thank yourself later!
  2. Create a budget + stick to it. Preferably before committing to any service or any vendor. Last thing you want is to end up out of funds with just a few things off your list, so write it all down and create a budget of an amount you do not want to exceed in wedding expenses and are comfortable spending. Leave a little room in your wallet for emergencies*
  3. Get a wedding planner. I cannot stress this enough, they will make your life so much easier, and the day will go so much smoother. Less weight on your shoulders, too!
  4. Involve your significant other. I know every little person dreams of their magical and beautiful wedding day, but make sure to include your partner in the process as much as possible! You will appreciate the little details a bit more and grow closer to your lover planning your very special day! Yes, you can still be in charge of the wedding color palette + textures or whatever it may be 😉
  5. Buy a wedding planning book, or a binder just for your wedding. You’ll want to stay as organized as possible every step of the way. The last thing you want is to end up overwhelmed when you should be excited and enjoying your engaged stage!
  6. Read every contract closely. This one’s pretty self explanatory.
  7. Prepare for pre-wedding events. Many times we get so caught up in the actual wedding day that we may forget everything that is supposed to happen before saying their I do’s. Bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding showers, etc.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Have every question in the book and need some input? Do not be afraid to reach out to your wedding planner/coordinator, or a vendor. Yes, including your photographer. We are MORE than happy to help in every way, trust me!
  9. Take it easy + one step at a time. Easy does it, friend. Do not overwhelm yourself with everything at the same time. Trust me, make the list and timeline and you will have peace of mind and better sleep at night.
  10. Make Pinterest your BFF. If you’re not on the app already, you’ll want to look into it! You can create boards for you or your vendors as well as keep everything organized and help you make choices when it comes to color schemes and palettes.

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Published by Carolina Irais Photography

Orlando, Florida Based Wedding and Family Photographer.

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