Michelle + Javier’s Dreamy Couples Photoshoot in Winter Park, Florida by Carolina Irais Photography

I am always so honored to be a part of your love story! Michelle + Javier have a super beautiful and special relationship, they met in August 2007, and made it official on December 14th, 2007! To share thirteen years with your significant other at a young age is truly a testament to their unending love for one another, so to be able to be a part of this love story + now with their beautiful baby Lana, my heart is as soft as butter and as full as my cup of coffee! (which is very full)

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”

 –Audrey Hepburn

Michelle played the hard to get part when they first met originally in school, but Javier respected that, in fact loved it; Michelle said when he asked her out Michelle straight up said “no” turned around, laughed, came back & said she was just kidding. It’s like he was built for her, they connected immediately and fell madly in love with each other. The rest is history, happening now! :’) Literally my whole heart guys! And you know something EVEN cuter?! They have matching tattoos…yup. The Notebook who?! I LOVE love.

” My favorite date has to be our first wedding anniversary. He made a rose pathway that led to 3 balloons. One has the number one and the other were a groom and bride. We then went to Ceviche in Downtown. We actually got married there and made a promise to have dinner there for every anniversary we could.” -Michelle

How perfect and romantic?! I’m not crying, you are!

I first met Michelle and Javier through a mutual friend, Franceska. We met for Michelle’s maternity session in Kraft Azalea Gardens in Winter Park and had a beautiful session that day awaiting their beautiful baby girl, then Christmas photos and after that we had our latest session we have done; which is the one I am sharing with you now!

We wanted a casual but not too-laid back look with warm and neutral toned colors, and our goal was to capture candid, beautiful, raw, emotive moments between them. And let me tell you, they were such naturals at it! It’s like I wasn’t even there, the beautiful photos just happened!! So magical.

When I asked Michelle what her favorite thing about Javier is this was her answer. “The thing that I love the most about him is the way let me be myself and supports me on everything. He has been there like no one else has, not even family.” and if that is not the most romantic, love-filled statement used to describe your partner, then I simply do not know what is!

When Javier was asked the same question, his answer was the following: “I love her passion and motivation to do what she loves. I love how strong and independent she is. She is a great friend, human being, better wife even better mom now. If you need help she is always willing to help. I love her way of living life.”

I told y’all, this love story is not just any ordinary one! It’s a decade of love, honesty, friendship, and memories that will last a lifetime and beyond. It is such a treat to know and spend time with such an awesome and genuine pair + I am constantly reminded of why I love photography so very much!

I am your personal storyteller.

Getting to capture raw emotion between best friends, families and lovers and real true love stopped in one single beautiful moment through a series of photographs to be cherished for years to come. What is more beautiful and meaningful than that? I’ll wait…

Here are a couple of more photos. Enjoy!

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See you on the next one!

-xoxo, Carolina.

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