Planning the Perfect Couple’s Session in Central Florida + Carolina Irais Photography

Thinking about booking a couples session with us and are out of ideas? Let us help you figure it out; There are so many factors and things you can do and plan with your photographer in order to make your couple’s session as successful and amazing as possible. I always recommend a few options that I will explain in this post! So let’s get into it shall we! When planning a couple’s photo shoot, we always strive to be as original as possible and do something fun and creative every time, incorporating little details and poses as well as bringing props to add that extra personality into the session, really capturing the essence of two people coming together in life. It’s a beautiful thing.

My most recommended and booked session is at a nearby park or garden, while there are many options in Central Florida to choose from when it comes to locations that are just that, a nature trail/park or botanical garden, there are a couple of places that really stand out to me. First up is Winter Park’s Rollins College, I can not stop recommending this location. It has many beautiful architecturally rich buildings that are part of the campus, and they have this unique Spanish vintage style that is really incredible to see. Beautiful gardens and sidewalks that lead to different locations throughout the campus is sure to make you fall in love with this romantic and dreamy location. I sound like an advertisement, but I promise this is not sponsored (I wish! lol) Every style that is planned, there is for sure a spot there to shoot it! Everywhere you look is so beautiful and as if it were out of a movie! So definitely consider this location. Just keep in mind that because of Covid-19 the restrooms are most likely closed as well as the rest of the campus buildings. Visitors are welcome to walk around, just make sure if other people are near to wear your mask.

My second pick is Harry P Leu Gardens, with a $10 per person entrance fee, this beautiful garden has thousands of plants and flowers. When you are there they will provide you with a map of the gardens, much like a Disney experience, and it will guide you throughout different themed gardens such as the ‘white gardens’, ‘butterfly gardens’ and a couple of others that are sure to make your couples photos absolutely amazing! This option is definitely one to consider as well!

My third option really is a few places, so let’s get into it + I will also explain why!

I have always been taught that good photography has nothing to do with an expensive, far away, exotic location in the middle of the country or something crazy. The truth is you can create stunning photographs in your own backyard for any style or theme you aim for. Yes, in your own backyard. That’s why for my third option I really will choose from a near by park, like Blue Jacket Park, Dickson Azalea Gardens, Cranes roost, Blanchard Park, Big Tree, Secret Lake, Wekiva, and so on! They all have the same idea, trees and lake with nature area. There are soooo many awesome locations to shoot your couples session, you just have to pick the right one for you!

If you are still wondering and contemplating on a location because there are so many, choose the place you personally would love to visit! Chances are if the location gets you all excited and you are looking forward to it, then so will your partner! Making this experience more of an adventure, which is what we try to create during our time together! Remember our goal is to be as photojournalistic as possible in order to capture those genuine smiles and raw emotion in the photographs making the photos absolutely timeless and priceless!

Now let’s talk style & theme…

The first tip I always recommend is, if you are planning to print + frame the photos up around the home, consider the colors in order to make sure they compliment each other once they are on the same wall! Second, always wear wearable and relatively comfortable clothes since we will be doing a lot of moving around and walking.

Living in Florida, it is the most practical and fun to wear matching or complimenting colored- shirts with pants or dress. Since it is mostly always over 85 degrees outside. Couples can also opt in to a more fancy attire such as a suit and tie and a gown or two suit and ties or two gowns, here we will make sure to support you in any way that we can!

And that means if you want to do something personal to you or something fun and new, we got you covered. Just ask us anything and I will personally help you plan it! Remember, our goal is to give you awesome pictures to share with loved ones. And in order to create the perfect couples session, the secret is to just be yourselves and magic will happen. There is no secret recipe in order to make a session magical, just pure, raw emotion! We will simply provide the prompts as a starting point.

We welcome everybody in love and wanting to celebrate love to come join us in this journey called life.

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