About the Photographer: Carolina Irais Orlando Wedding & Family Photographer

Hi there! I am coming to you today unrehearsed and without strategy. I simply want to tell you a little about myself and my photography business here in Florida, and a little bit of my WHY. First and foremost my name is Carolina (ka-ro-leena) I’m a 26 year old family and wedding photographer based in Central Florida.

I started out by taking an elective in high school and ended up falling completely in love and obsessed with photography! The year after, my photography was showcased in the school art exhibition while in honors class, and the rest is history! I actually started out with a simple point and shoot camera, meaning that it has no manual settings for me to adjust! I had to work with what I had, literally.

Spending hours after school with the remaining sunlight coming through the windows, I would set up jewelry and shoes in my room on my nightstand, set the backdrop and my camera and shoot away and learn to play with light for hours. I then started to photograph people, it was intimidating at first, but once I got the hang of it, I was a forever changed photographer. I had found my calling. Not even trying to be cheesy but yeaaaah, I was all in it.

I love making people feel beautiful while creating memories in front of the camera and my goal is to always capture your best self! I admit, sometimes I am not the super bubbly type….but I will always make sure you feel comfortable and at home, promise! I made many friends and networked with everyone that I could, and I still am! I work with families and couples every single day to ensure I provide them excellent service and awesome photos every time. And I will do the same for you!

Things I love? I love staying at home with my family and watching movies or go out to Lake Eola and take a nice walk outside with the kids and get some fresh air.

I am always cooking, I love food. I am Latina so you know how it goes down in the kitchen! Another fun fact… we have about 100 plants in our tiny Orlando apartment. So I guess one could say we are very dedicated plant parents.

I love (and need) my coffee at least twice a day, and food is the way to my heart. Especially sushi and italian food, yummy….

Favorite TV shows? The office, bad moms, New girl and Schitts Creek!

Favorite Color? Lavender and green

Favorite animal? Birds

I can’t think of anything else right now, buttttt if you have a question or suggestion, let me know!! I will gladly answer.

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Orlando, Florida Based Wedding and Family Photographer.

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