The Best Way to Pop The Question in 2022: Why hiring a photographer for your proposal planning is a must!

It’s 2021, and love is still front and center! I am very excited to be talking about this because I know this is one of the busiest seasons when it comes to engagements, and a marriage proposal is a defining moment for you and your significant other, and as you are scrambling to get all of the details together for this moment, remember we’re here for you! It takes days and weeks and sometimes months to prepare for a unique one special moment, so we are here from the initial contact to the last photo delivered. Engagements are super magical and different every time, and every single one holds a special place in my heart, that is why we understand the power and magnitude of love, and we know that this proposal has to be perfect! And we are here to help.

One of the most important parts of an engagement (aside from the ring, of course) is finding the location. Clients can choose to do a paparazzi style in a more busier location where I, the photographer will blend in as a tourist and capture the entire proposal from a distance with my handy zoom lens, or plan your regular photoshoot and pop the question during our session in a more intimate setting. Either way, we are here to make this smooth sailing. You can take a deep breath now!

We have photographed at some of the most beautiful and romantic locations across Central Florida and I have to say that the proposal location does not have to be a fancy five star hotel, it can be the beach at sunset, or a romantic minimal catered picnic in a botanical garden, you name it.

Either way you go, it is recommended to choose a location where you both enjoy going, somewhere you regularly go on a date or the casual stroll, what do you love doing together? What is their favorite place?

These are all things to consider when choosing that special place.

Still searching for the special ‘bling bling’? Here are some quizzes to help steer you in the right direction and make sure your partner will love it! (they’re free!)


Have more questions? Feel free to send me a message or comment below!

Thank you for reading, stay safe and stay awesome, friends!

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Orlando, Florida Based Wedding and Family Photographer.

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