The Secrets Behind Choosing The Perfect Engagement-Session Location:

There are so many different options when it comes to a location for engagement portraits it’s important we keep a few things in mind when choosing the perfect place! Central Florida has so many amazing locations for dreamy engagement sessions to take place. But how do you pick one? There are a few tips to stand by when doing your research.

I have been to dozens and dozens of locations, in and out of state. Every experience and event is different, all unique and beautiful in their own way. It’s important to choose a location that speaks to your soul. And for some couples, that might be the beach(and I am all about it!). Or a national park, mountaintop, Disney, college campus, garden, you name it, it’s personal and different for every single person. It should specifically be meaningful, making the photography all the more special and valuable.

An important thing to keep in mind as well, is to make sure to check the schedule for the desired date of the location itself, that way if there are any major events going on, you can work around that time and plan for before or after, or just a different day altogether. Choose a time that you know not many people will be walking by and it will be busy, the goal is to minimize distraction, you do not want random people walking into your shot. In my opinion if there are less people walking around staring, the more comfortable the person will be posing and focusing, making for a way better shot.

This one might seem obvious to some people, but theme/style plays a major role in choosing the right place. If the goal is a airy, pastel colored whimsical vibe that’s also romantic, couples might want to choose the springs or the beach. If they want something more eclectic, they might want to walk around downtown and get some urban vibes there as well, maybe stopping by for the casual ice cream cone or cup of coffee to make for the perfect photo op! The same goes for couples who want a boho-inspired, golden hour shoot, a garden, or a national park is perfect!

The locations I recommend for the most part all have near-by bathrooms and overhead cover, if you live in Florida, you know why I say that. So definitely keep those two tips in mind as well, those are some of the more important ones along with parking and walking distance.

I hope this has helped you have a clearer vision of which place you would like to pick as an engagement session destination. Or for any other event for that matter, same rules apply!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

See you on the next one friends!



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Orlando, Florida Based Wedding and Family Photographer.

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