Welcoming Nicolas into the world | Maternity Session In Disney Boardwalk at Sunset

Happy Monday! I’m excited to share this gallery with you all!

So many amazing moments captured on a perfect Saturday evening.

The amazing news is, Nicolas Dimitri Denesha arrived into this world on this very special day! The Garcías now have a healthy baby boy!💙

Congratulations once again!

When I got the notice we would be shooting in Disney Boardwalk, I was super excited! It’s such a beautiful, airy and refreshing place to walk and photograph in. It’s filled with beautiful pastel colors. So you already know I was ready to go shooting the day she booked! Lol!

When we arrived at the entrance, they informed us unless we had a reservation for a restaurant, that we could not enter into the boardwalk unless it was a necessity. So naturally, I freaked out, and I explained that Rashelle was about to pop any moment and that it indeed IS a necessity that we get these photos today! By the grace of God we were allowed in safely and let me tell you!!!! The weather was so great, beautiful clouds, not too hot, no direct crazy hot sun! It was so perfect.

When the Garcías arrived, we did our proper introductions and got to work. Rashelle brought amazing props, which made the session so much more special and beautiful!

I am so happy to share these photos with you, as they reflect true love between a son and his parents. The perfect rainbow baby. Thanks for looking.



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